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Flower Pouch® Packs

Plant up a Flower Pouch® with your favourite flowers. Busy Lizzies, Begonias and Petunias look stunning in summer, while a winter display of Pansies is hard to beat. Easy to plant up and maintain, with full instructions provided to create a colourful arrangement to hang just about anywhere! Suspend them from hooks or nails, against house walls, fences and garden sheds. Now made with interwoven polypropylene and stitched for extra strength. An ingenious and eye catching alternative to the traditional hanging basket!

Each Flower Pouch® holds 10 plants. Height: 55cm (22"). Width: 21cm (8").

Each Flower Pouch® Pack contains 4 pouches and 150g Easy Feed and 1 Water Wizard™.

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    • 2 packs

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
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    • £33.98

Patio Vegetable Planters

Ideal for growing fresh vegetables on the patio or in small gardens throughout the year. Each pack contains three planters in various sizes: 40 Litre (large - 45 x 25cm), 38 Litre (Medium - 30 x 40cm), 35 Litre (Small - 25 x 45cm). More info
    • 3 planters

    • Despatch: Despatch within 24 hours
    • £24.99