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Patio Vegetable Planters

Ideal for growing fresh vegetables on the patio or in small gardens throughout the year. Each pack contains three planters in various sizes: 40 Litre (large - 45 x 25cm), 38 Litre (Medium - 30 x 40cm), 35 Litre (Small - 25 x 45cm). More info
    • 3 planters

    • Despatch: Despatch within 24 hours
    • £24.99

Strawberry Patio Planter

The easy way to grow strawberries on the patio. Made from durable interwoven polypropylene, these handy strawberry planters can be used year after year. Simply fill each planter with approximately 45 litres of compost and plant up the 8 handy, pre-cut side pockets with your favourite strawberry varieties.

Height: 45cm (18”). Width: 35cm (14”).

More info
    • 2 planters

    • Despatch: Despatch within 24 hours
    • £22.99